The benefits of PANOLIN HLP SYNTH on an AGRIA truck set up by OfficineB

How do you choose a hydraulic fluid
? Often the assesment of the costs of an oil stops at price, but choosing a fluid rather than another is
a complex issue and hardly the lowest price product is economically cost-effective over the long term.
The experience presented here is an clear example of the operating advantages of PANOLIN HLP SYNTH, hydraulic  synthetic fluid based on
saturated esters that combines the highest environmental standards with excellent technical characteristics.
This experience has been realized by OfficineB, a company located in Ravenna active since the 90s and specialized in marketing of
Off-road forklifts for agricultural use
, and is the result of the company's commitment to continuous improvement of its products, both from the
performance and the respect for the environment point of view.
OfficineB carried out operational tests on an AGRIA THS175 series off-road veichle, converted to PANOLIN HLP SYNTH.
The tests were carried out on the same machine before and after the conversion to PANOLIN HLP SYNTH from a mineral hydraulic fluid:
The trolley's ascent and descent times were measured in the main operating conditions.

WORKING CONDITIONS Standard oil PANOLIN HLP SYNTH  Difference of Efficency  %  
Off Machine 10,50 Sec 8,01 Sec 24%  
Machine at idle 12,00 Sec 8,42 Sec 30% Normal condition of use
Accelerated Machine 17,00 Sec 11,04 Sec 35%  
Accelerated Machine 5,50 Sec 5,10 Sec 7% Normal condition of use

As emerges from the table after the conversion to PANOLIN HLP SYNTH both the up and down times decrease: the climb times are reduced by an already significant 7% while downtime
is reduced by a minimum of 24% off, 30% in normal use up to 35% with the accelerated engine.
Results like these speak for themselves: the so significant reduction in downtime and to a lesser extent of the climb allows a significant increase in machine productivity. An example? Under
normal working conditions in an hour the elevator machine filled with mineral oil made up to 205 cycles of uphill and downhill. After conversion to PANOLIN it wass possible to can get up to 266 cycles.
Thanks to these results, OfficineB has chosen to make the first standard fill with PANOLIN HLP SYNTH in all AGRIA machines of this type.
That's the reason why OfficineB has been honored with the 2017 Macfruit  Innovation Award for the innovation and respect for the environment in the field of agricultural forklifts.


according to OCSE 301 B: ≈ 70% in 28 days

Classe di pericolosità per le acque  WGK-1 (PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 46)

Environmelal labels:  Angelo Blu (Der Blaue Engel), Environment Agency standard, JEA, Corea Eco Label, Croazia Eco Label,  Marchi ecologico della Repubblica ceca, ONORM - parte 5 (A), Regolamentazione VAMIL (NL), Swedish Standards SS 15 54 34

 Reduction of  CO2   thanks to longer use

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