E.C.O. Italia® provides an evaluation of oil condition and filtering service for companies experiencing problems of contamination of hydraulic fluids and engine oils by water or particulate matter.
The service is effective on any type of lubricant (mineral, synthetic, semi-synthetic, plant-based). It is particularly suitable for high-quality synthetic oils (such as PANOLIN products) as it allows to enhance the durability and stability over time.
The evaluation of oil condition
The evaluation of the oil condition service is carried out on site with instant results by one of our operators through tests performed with electronic measurement tools:
· viscosity
· degree of contamination by particles
· degree of contamination by water
· dielectric variation.
The evaluation of oil condition is generally performed: on a sample of new product, as a reference; on the oil during operation to determine the degree of contamination and deterioration; on the filtrated oil as it pass through the filter to establish the level of cleanliness achieved
the filtration
The filtration is carried out by our operator directly on the lubricant tank of using KLEENOIL filtrating systems equipped with new filtering elements.
To obtain an adequate degree of cleanliness it may be necessary to perform more complete oil passages in the filter system.

Experiences of evaluation of oil condition and filtration

hydraulic fluid of a hydraulic power unit
Fluid of a hydraulic cylinder
Hydraulic fluid of a hydraulic press for forging
Hydraulic fluid on a TEREX Reach Stacker

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